Designwajskol is an internationally known strategic design agency based in New York City. Our expertise spans visual identities, print and web design, product design, packaging, exhibit design, way-finding systems, and social media. We transform companies’ and institutions’ identities by re-branding them in order to provide cutting edge platforms to run businesses more successfully and more efficiently. We provide clarity amidst complex systems through a non-linear creative process. We deeply understand the importance of content creation as the most valuable asset in the world of marketing and communications regardless of the medium used to deliver the message.


设计瓦加斯科是在纽约市的国际知名品牌战略设计公司。 我们的专业技术涵盖视觉形象,印刷和网页设计,产品设计,包装设计,展览设计,导示系统和社交媒体。 我们提供最先进的平台,通过品牌重塑提高企业和机构的身份形象,以达到更成功和有效地经营企业。 我们通过多角度的创作过程把复杂的系统简单和清晰化。 我们深刻领会到,内容自身的原创性在全球的市场营销和传播是才最有价值的资产 , 而非用以传递信息的媒体。

designwajskol is a global strategic design consultancy firm based in New York City.