Artron Art Center
Shenzhen - China
Identity and Wayfinding System

Artron is China's Leading arts publisher as well as Asia's pre-eminent portal for the art world. The project encompassed five principal functions: printing production, executive offices, museum-style gallery spaces, a high-end book store, and unique indoor and outdoor recreational spaces. The building's radical floor plan (that allowed for the maximum footprint) was the inspiration for the logo mark for the 440,000 square foot building, designed by the Chinese architectural firm Urbanus. Directional signs and various internal graphics utilize pictograms in order to transcend language. An activity-driven color code was used for various functions and departments within the space. Glass expanses inside the building provided and opportunity to display artwork that reinforces Artron's DNA, insuring an art presence throughout the building. This solution enhances the established brand concept and creates a unified experience within the building.

Artron Art Center 雅昌艺术中心
深圳 - 中国















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