Nava Design
Milan - Italy

Clocks today have a diminished function because we are constantly surrounded by timekeeping devices. With the Zen Clock, the intent was to create beautiful geometric shapes on the clock face. The clock is stripped down to its most essential form. The hands are backed with DayGlo orange that reflect on to the face. At certain times of the day, an eclipse will occur.

Nava Design
米兰 - 意大利

如今我们无时无刻不被计时的设备围绕着,时钟的功能已经开始退化了。设计Zen Clock的初衷,是为了在钟的表面创造出美丽的几何图形。这个钟已经被简化成了最基本的形式。指针的背面由荧光橘色覆盖,会反射到钟的表面上。在一天里某些特定的时间,倒影会呈现出一个椭圆形。


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