Paul Stuart
New York - USA

This ad campaign was all about going against the grain because it was not merchandise driven but rather sought to highlight the personality of Paul Stuart customers. (It became the longest running campaign in the history of the company.) Instead of professional models, Paul Stuart’s own customers were used. And rather than fashion photographers, portraits photographers were hired who were able to bring out the individual characters and strengths of these customers, underscoring particular attributes of the company. The close-cropping of the portraits was intended to enhance the character of Paul Stuart’s customers.

Paul Stuart
纽约 - 美国

这场广告推广活动并不是为了提高销售,而是为了Paul Stuart这个品牌的客户的个性(它变成了这家公司历史上最长的一场营销活动)。我们选取了Paul Stuart自己的客户,而不是专业的模特来拍摄。同时,我们也没有使用时尚摄影师,而是雇佣了能够把每个人的个性都挖掘并加强的人像摄影师,来强调公司的特征。这些超近距离的特写裁剪正是为了凸显这些客户的个性。

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